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Free Fire Returns to India

The popular battle royale game, Free Fire, is making its comeback to India, addressing concerns over data security and user privacy.

Free Fire was banned in India last year due to data security and privacy concerns. Now, Garena, the game's developer, is bringing it back as an India-exclusive application

Ban and Redemption

Ban and Redemption

Garena partners with Yotta, an RBI-approved service provider, to manage Indian users' personal data on local servers, ensuring data security and compliance with local regulations

Data Security Priority

Free Fire India introduces safety features like parental supervision, gameplay limitations, and 'take a break' reminders to promote a safe and enjoyable gaming experience

Enhanced Safety Features

The return of Free Fire coincides with the Indian government's recognition of esports as a multi-sport event. 

Esports Recognition

Free Fire appoints MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador and introduces him as a playable character named 'Thala,' marking a historic moment for Indian esports

MS Dhoni as 'Thala'

With Free Fire's return, India is poised to excel on the global esports stage. The game's redemption brings new opportunities and excitement to the gaming community

Exciting Times Ahead